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Warm Welcome to our world, 


We hope that, every individual who stops by would have a wonderful time e-touring the school campus and life. We also wish that, you would carry a message from here, to light up someone’s life with hope.

 The School was established in 2017 and is managed by the Department of Education, Govt. of Tripura on a vision to train, equip and send with knowledge, wisdom and virtue.  It is located in Dhalai district of Tripura. The hard labour and dedication of the Teachers and Parents resulted in fetching laurels by our students, since the inception of the school.

“Nothing in the nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. The sun doesn’t shine for itself. A flower’s fragrance is not for itself. Living for each other is the Rule of Nature”.

In the same manner, we are imbibed with qualities of unselfishness and sharing, thus making us a blessing to someone, every day.

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